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Tryb is right for you if

  • You’re looking for a supportive community of Black women
  • You need the space and opportunity to be yourself around other Black women
  • You’re the type of person who gives as much as you receive
  • You feel like you need an escape from work and societal pressures
  • Quality mental health and wellness is important to you
  • You’re looking to expand your professional and personal network
  • Competing with other Black women doesn’t serve you
  • You are a career professional, business owner and/or entrepreneur


What is tryb all about?

We are a network of millennial, professional Black women connected by professional, social and cultural experiences with one simple but profound goal:

Black women elevating Black women.

No one understands the unique experiences of Black women better than Black women. From battling discrimination and sexism to climbing to the top of the career totem pole and balancing mental health, family, and everything else, having a community of like minded Black women is critical for quality wellness, building and maintain wealth and, ultimately, Black women unapologetically being their best.

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